1.     How To Make An Account
To make your Foziar online account you have to follow the following steps. First of all, click on the register option in the top right corner. Then click on create an account option and then give the required information.
2.     Can I Place An Order Without Making An Account?
Yes, you can place an order without even making an account. But if you make an account then you can join the newsletter to get the latest updates on the brand and keep a record of your purchase.
3.     What To Do If I Forget My Password?
if you forget the password of your account then you can simply reset it. Click on the forget password option on the sign-in page. An email will be sent to you through which you can reset your password.


4.     How Can I Place An Order?
Add all the desired items to the shopping cart. Then go to the shopping cart and from there click on proceed to checkout option. Then give all the required information. Choose the payment method and then click on the place the order option.
5.     How To Track An Order?
You can track your order through your dashboard. On the dashboard, you can check your previous order history and the status of your current order.
6.     What If There Occurs An Error In The Order?
If an error occurs in the delivered product then you can return the product. We will try to arrange the same product if it is available. Otherwise, we will provide you with a voucher for the same amount of the product.


7.     What Are The Payment Options?
The following payment methods are available for online shopping at Foziar.
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Safe Pay
8.     What To Do If My Payment Fails?
If your payment fails then you first check the payment information that you provided. If your account is debited and then payment failure occurs then your payment will automatically be returned within 7 days. Otherwise, you can email us or contact us.
9.     How To Use A Coupon?
You can redeem your coupon only on the website. Make sure to use the same email id on which you receive the coupon code. You can use a coupon only one time.
10.  Will I Get A Refund On The Cancellation Of The Order?
If you cancel your order within 15 days then you will be refunded. In some cases, we also provide vouchers instead of giving a refund.
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